Ürkmez Sheet Iron has been proud of being the biggest firm with the broadest product range of the Tuzla Shipyard area from its foundation to date. Our firm has been assisting users in all of their retail and project based works with the principle of permanent support since the establishment of the Tuzla Shipyard area.

 It has also included foreign trade, sheet metal painting (sa2/5) and CNC since year 2000 in its services. Beside its logistic and service supports, it is also sharing all of its facilities and support with all of its associates and customers today.

For foreign trade, it has been exporting to many domestic and international projects, in particular the free zones in our country.

Carrying on its services in accordance with quality operating systems such as ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 international quality standards, our firm has been involved in all of the projects which were vital for the development of the Ship Building industry of Turkey. Making its main principle to continuous improvement and make a difference in products and services with its awareness for environment by using new technologies, ÜRKMEZ SHEET IRON is moving on for more than 30 years with the trust and support of you, our esteemed associates…    


Steel Manufacturing

The steels used on ships are manufactured with one of the following major methods. High strength and corrosion resistance are the most important properties required in ship steels.

Ø Siemens-Martin
Ø Thomas method
Ø Basic oxygen or oxygen blowing method
Ø Electric arc method



We are providing a reliable and brand value creating service with a storage capacity of 8,000 m2 located in Tuzla. Standing out with easy access, reliability and perception of value in comparison with other firms forms the essential element of our vision. You will have no extra costs such as hiring cranes for your heavy loads in our storage where we use a portal crane with a capacity of 30 tons.


We are performing protective painting on sheet metal and profiles from 5 mm to 500 mm. We apply sandblasting process of SA 21/2 quality followed by shopprimer painting process with a thickness of 15-20 micron simultaneously by belt conveyor on the metal surface.


We are cutting sheets with a thickness from 6 mm to 30 mm using plasma, a thickness from 30 mm to 200 mm by using oxygen, a width of 3,500 mm and a length of 24 m.